Faeriecon West, 2012 - Treguenda

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Seattle, WA - February 10-12, 2012

Faeriecon 2012

Wonderful music filled the hall at night from the great groups listed below. Check out the links for all these wonderful folks.

Faerieworlds Masquerade featuring Delhi 2 Dublin, Treguenda and Adam Hurst

"WHAT IS A TREGUENDA? In the old world tradition of Italy the word for seasonal rites was Treguenda (Tray-gwen-dah). In modern Italian the word Treguenda means ‘quarterly or every three months’. The more commonly used spelling is Tregenda, Treguenda is a Neapolitan dialect that we find very beautiful and evocative. In the Stregherian tradition there are eight Treguendas: four major and four minor. The major festivals occur in October, February, May and August and these are the Spiritual rites. The minor festivals occur on the Spring and Autumn Equinox and on the Summer and Winter Solstice. These are the Earth festivals and are seasonal and agriculture-related in nature. The word Treguenda has its root in the word Tregua, which means “a respite, or a truce”. The eight turns of the wheel of the year in many traditions are noted by festivals and celebratory rites, a time of rest from work and the normal day to day routine. It is interesting to note that “Tregua” (tray-gwah) is also slang for the Full Moon Ceremony.."