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Ashkenazi DNA Update

Ashkenazi DNA Update

23and me has more detailed community information for Ashkenazi Jews! Here is mine.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

I accidentally scored a copy of Movie Story Magazine. March 1943. Looking through it I found not only an article on Casablanca but also
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

Sander Feinberg Book

Hungarian-American Heroes

The Story of my Book

I have been working on this project for over a decade. In my memory it began when I was only ten years old. My grandparents handed me a book to learn Hungarian. They said if I learned enough they would take me to Hungary! You might imagine I did not go that year. However, on my quest I have been to Hungary three times since 2007, discovering a wonderful family of cousins and a wealth of history.

Save Ellis Island

In 2017 my daughter and I took a photo tour of the Ellis Island Hospital. They are in process of restoring this remarkable building with important history. Yesterday I was honored to learn the Save Ellis Island website is using one of my photos as their home page banner  (image at right) and they have posted a gallery of 14 of my images. Click below to go to their site and the button on the right takes you to my full gallery here.

My Photos

There are over 70 sets of photos, almost 3,000 in all you can view for free.

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Best Selling Products

Here are the best selling products in my store. You will find books, greeting cards, prints and magnets for sale.

Custom On-Demand Products

I can now custom order, print-on-demand items for you. You can choose any photo from my website and add any text.

Sander Feinberg New York Public Library

Photo by Amethyst

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Thanks for visiting. You will find thousands of photos free to view. And I have many books and greeting cards for sale.

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