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September 15, 2018

Here is my video slideshow of the extraordinary vehicles at “The Shape of Speed: Streamlined Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1930–1942”, a special exhibition debuting at the Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon in Summer 2018. Featuring 19 rare streamlined automobiles and motorcycles. [2:10]


June 10, 2018

Quick trip to Mt. Hood National Forest where we saw these beautiful horses and to White River Falls State Park which is the site a turn of the century hydroelectric installation. Slideshow with music. [1:35]

Meow Wolf

May 22, 2018

Extraordinary and incredibly fun sensory experience art museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Delightful, beautiful creativity at Meow Wolf. Little video snips of most of the exhibits to get you going there! [7:27]

White River Falls

June 10, 2018

White River Falls State Park in Eastern Oregon was a turn of the century hydroelectric site. Spectacular 90 foot falls. We stumbled upon a sign for the falls and were treated with these breathtaking views. Several video clips with rushing water sounds. [1:24]

Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi and his wife Lillian at a meeting in honor of my grandfather in 1947. This is vidcap from a family film taken by Anton Schlussel.

Red, White and Blue Memories

The story of pioneering Hungarian-American activists from 1920 – 1970

Beginning with a trip to my grandfather’s ancestral home of Sárospatak, Hungary in 2007 I have been on the hunt for more information about Carl Schwartz aka Kalman Marki. It has been, in some cases, like searching for six needles in six separate haystacks.

I am still sifting through thousands of pages of FBI and OSS files from the US National Archives, conducting interviews with people who knew the characters in my book and researching historical records.

Click the button to read more about Bela Lugosi, Louis Weinstock, Hugo Gellert and the history of Hungarian-American progressive politics and culture from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Travel in USA

Biograph Studio New York

Biograph at MOMA

Food in NYC

New York Food

High Line NYC

The High Line


Rodin Exhibit

Rodin Sculpture


Witches Ball 2016


Faerieworlds 2016

Travel in Europe

Isle of Capri

Isle of Capri

Heroes Square

Budapest – 2015


Connie Hansen Garden

Connie Hansen Garden

Holland America Flower Gardens

Lilacs and Tulips

Ananda Laurelwood Van Gogh Clouds

Ananda Retreat Center



Body Painting

Goddess Tantra

Goddess Tantra





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