Lajos Kossuth

100th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution

My cousin Fanni Földi reminded me that today is the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. I remembered that my grandfather was on a committee to commemorate the 100th anniversary in 1948 just after World War II. Here is a clip from my book with a few words on his great hero Lajos Kossuth who was regent/president during the period of the revolution. And I am including a posting to a New York newspaper by my grandfather. I have not gotten a full translation but the gist is that in spite of a hundred defeats, humanity will rise to celebrate the truth.

Here is a translation by my dear friend Elysia Gallo of an announcement of the 100th anniversary committee. I have not verified how many Hungarian Americans attended celebrations in Budapest that year.

The Hungarian ’48 Memorial Committee was founded – 3,000 Hungarians living in the US pay visit to Hungary in 1948

Ernő Mihályfi, Hungarian secretary of state and chief executive of the Historic Memorial Committee, has been officially notified by Rusztem Vámbéry, ambassador of Hungary in Washington, that the Hungarian-American ’48 Committee had been founded in New York to organize a ceremony for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the revolution of 1848.
Among the committee members, there are about forty well-known Hungarians who live in the US. Some of them are representatives of churches and associations.

The members of the committee are: Dr. Takaró Géza, Calvinist Dean; Dr. Kamilla Kereszturi; János Porbáth representative of Hungary in the Jewish World Congress; György Ráv, professor at Columbia University; Kálmán Márki, factory owner.

Other members are: Imre Kocsis, priest; Dr. Gyula Fischer rabbi; Emil Lengyel university professor; Göndör Ferenc editor, Imre Komlós secretary of Testvériség, Dr. Miklós Fülöp and Mátyás Török.

Kalman Marki 1848 Committee
Lajos Kossuth