Hungarian-American Heroes

Apply to be an early preview reader. Learn more about the book before filling out the form.


Kalman Marki

(L-R) Kalman Marki, Bela Lugosi, Louis Weinstock, Hugo Gellert

Bela Lugosi
Louis Weinstock
Kalman Marki

Would you like to have an early read?

I am looking for a small group of people to read and review the book as it is developed.

If you are a voracious reader, have a talent for finding typos, and have some understanding of 20th century history, you might want to apply via the form below! If you participate you will also get an early digital copy of the complete book next year.

It will likely take you two or three hours to read and comment. I don’t have the exact word/page count but I will notify you in advance when ready. I plan on having a draft of the first part of the book ready mid to late December. And I would like a response within 3 weeks of when I email you your personal link to the book. So if you apply now but don’t have time when I write you, no problem.

Technical requirements:

  • You need a modern laptop/desktop computer with at least a 13 inch screen.
  • You will be reading this online at in a format that looks like a PDF. You can use any browser but I recommend Google Chrome since I have tested it there the most.
  • You will add your comments directly into the document online so you don’t need to take notes and email me.

Application Form


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