Hugo Gellert

Hugo Gellert

Hugo Gellert was a great artist and a close friend of my grandfather, Kalman Marki. I enjoyed meeting Hugo when I was a child and teenager.


He was also in the film “Reds” by Warren Beatty. You can find it on Netflix. Three major works are described below as well as many links.


Hugo Gellert was born in Hungary in 1892 and emigrated to the United States with his family in 1906. Gellert died in 1985. He was a very well-known artist in this country during the 1930s, yet he has essentially been forgotten. Today he is perhaps more infamous for his passionate commitment to leftist political agitation than for his contribution to American art, but Gellert strongly disavowed any distinction between the two. He professed that, for him, political agitation and art were the same thing.

~ James Wechsler 

Karl Marx. ‘Capital’. 1933

  • Folio portfolio of 2 frontispiece lithographs and 60 lithographs.
  • Edition 133 privately issued.
  • Each page 22 1/2 x 15.
  • Lithographs printed by E. Desjobert, Paris, France. Typography by S.A. Jacobs, New York.
  • Excellent impressions printed on ‘BFK Rives’ paper on the full sheet with deckle edges.
  • Each image signed in pencil.

Comrade Gulliver. 1935

  • Folio of 43 black and white lithographs.
  • Edition privately issued.
  • Each page 23 x 16 (23×32 unfolded).
  • Each image signed in pencil.

Century of the Common Man. 1942
Two Speeches by Henry A. Wallace, Vice-President of the United States

  • Silk Screen Prints by Hugo Gellert
  • International Workers Order, New York
  • An address before the Free World Assn., New York, May 9, 1942.
  • A speech delivered at the Congress of American-Soviet Friendship Mass Meeting, New York, Nov. 8, 1942
  • This edition is limited to fifty-four portfolios each containing nineteen original silk screen prints signed by the artist. This is number 52.
  • “To Kalman Hugo Gellert” (signed in ink)