Book Readers

Feedback Form


Please submit a form for each chapter you have comments on. Select the chapter name from the dropdown first. If you have detailed feedback on a specific page, please add it in “Additional Comments” or send me an email including the page number and chapter name.

Under the form are some feedback ideas from a WikiUniversity article. They are food for thought but feel free to share whatever you wish.

Some Guideliness for Feedback

  1. Highlight any notable aspects, good or bad, of the book’s design and production. Consider aesthetics, typography, cover, design, images, table of contents, notes, references.
  2. Was it easy or difficult to read? Fun and rewarding to read?
  3. What did you learn? What insights did you gain? Does the book make a unique contribution to knowledge or wisdom? Does it provide a new and better way to present difficult material?
  4. What surprised you? Did you ever have an ah-ha moment while reading the book?
  5. Which part attracts you most? Which ones were boring? Which chapter is the key-point of the story? Which portions did you like most? Why?
  6. What is missing or what would you suggest doing differently?
  7. What is your favorite quote from the book? Why?
  8. What creative value does this book contribute?
  9. What, if anything, makes this an important work? What does the reader stand to gain by reading this book?