Mythicworlds is often called “Faerieworlds in a hotel.” Rather than in a large open campsite like Faerieworlds, Mythicworlds is completely contained in a large hotel. This year it was the Doubletree Hilton at Seatac. What’s nice about being inside in the winter, is, you guessed it, no winter!

This year’s event was wonderful – filled with our faerie friends in amazing costumes. And the music! Our favorite Steampunk band, Abney Park, performed the best we have ever heard them including some new songs with their small brass section. Even though only a trumpet and trombone, they sounded like a big band.

As always we are blessed to hear the magical strings of Adam Hurst on both cello and guitar and the beautiful melodies of Woodland. In addition we got to hear two new (to us) groups: Rogues’ End and Mbrascatu who both rocked the hotel with their great sounds.

We were also impressed with many new vendors and I actually bought an entirely new outfit which is rare for me.

I have a few photos posted here. The captions appear when you open the photos. If you are in one or know someone whose name I missed, please add a comment and I will update them.