Spices in Chelsea Market

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Ah, the food in New York. It’s legendary of course. Although we have favorite places, we went to several new places this time. Here are a few of them and you can see more delicious photos in the galleries below.

Lillie's Victorian Establishment

This is one of our favorites: Lillie’s Victorian Establishment.  They have two locations you can Google cause who knows they may open another. It is dedicated to the famous actress Lily Langtry and is filled with Victorian era antiques. Probably the longest bar I have ever seen. We had some delicious snacks at the East 17th location.


Food in NYC

There are so many places to shop and eat at Chelsea Market that I have no idea where to begin. We got tea, spices, coffee, pastries. And I came back on the day I left for a “build it your self” pasta lunch which was fabulous. Pick any pasta, veges, protein and sauce and they will cook it for you or take it home to prepare.



Food in NYC

Want a chocolate chess set? You can find it at Chelsea Market.





Food in NYC

We ate a little bit of pastry of course. This is from a display at a fabulous bakery in Brooklyn near where we stayed.

Lillie’s Victorian Establishment

Other Food Establishments

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