My dear cousins Joanna and Henry Weinstock have shared this story and their personal photos of a visit to Sárospatak, Hungary in 1977. All images are copyright Joanna Weinstock. Click the images to enlarge and see description.

Jeno (Eugene) Weinstock, who was born in Sárospatak, in 1905 and left about 1930,  took his son Henry Weinstock and family on a visit there in 1977. They visited the WWI memorial with plaque in honor of Eugene’s father, Hermann Weinstock, who died fighting in that war.

Benjamin, Henry, Eugene, Katherine Weinstock Sarospatak Hungary 1977 memorial

They met people who had been delivered by Eugene’s mother, Hannah Weinstock, the local midwife in the 1920s-1930s.  She had delivered babies in the castle as well as among the locals.  Even though she was Jewish she had permission from the local priest to baptize a baby that might not live long enough for him to get there in time.  

Eugene Weinstock and old friends in Sárospatak Hungary 1977

The Weinstock family had a license to run the tobacco shop (Dohany) shown in one of the photos.  The license to sell tobacco was granted by the government as a benefit to Hermann’s widow. 

Weinstock family's former tobacco shop (Dohany) Sárospatak Hungary 1977

They visited old friends, including the librarian at the Reform College, a gypsy family who had taught music to one of the Weinstock girls, and a couple of the last Jewish people living there in 1977.  

Eugene Weinstock and librarian at Reformatus Kollegium Sarospatak Hungary 1977

The last of the Weinstock family left Sarospatak in 1938 when they were no longer allowed to operate the tobacco shop or to work in other fields or to study due to Government regulations hostile to Jews. They emigrated to New York.  

Weinstocks on side street in Sárospatak Hungary 1977
Eugene Weinstock with gypsies living in former Synagogue, Sárospatak, Hungary 1977
Henry, Jamie, Katy Weinstock ME Comeneus Tanitokepzo Sárospatak Hungary 1977


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