Resistance Button


This is a 1.5 inch square colorful button with the usual pin on the back.

resist button

Jim, our first customer, is a Korean War Vet, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World and has been an activist for 60 years!

Do you want to show your solidarity with the movement for peace and right human relations in the world? Some will tell you "resistance is futile."

Well I believe it is required! We need to support each other to make our country and our planet a better place for all humans.

Alongside building a better society we need to come together to resist efforts to reduce or eliminate human rights guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights and described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There are also Resistance magnets, mugs and even a large tapestry. Check out the full category here.

30 in stock (can be backordered)

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