Combination of Eastern and Western Traditions

The Trout Lake Abbey is an unusual combination of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with a Zen Buddhist Temple and a Druid Sanctuary. They have an organic farm as well as accommodations for visitors. Look at the galleries and stories below for more information on this extraordinary place in the shadow of Mt. Adams.

Venerable Thich Minh Tinh (Thay Kozen)

Trout Lake Abbey Barn

Tibetan Bells at Trout Lake Abbey

Zen Buddhist Temple at Trout Lake Abbey

In addition to the temple, there is a wonderful garden with dozens of tiny shrines containing Buddhist statues. View the gallery below to see both!

“The Mount Adams Thien Buddhist Temple is small country temple with both Northern & Southern Chan (Thien) traditions. We are a mixture of individuals with many different religions who choose to practice meditation and follow the Dharma. The Mount Adams Zen Buddhist Temple is small country temple in the Thien tradition of Vietnam and the Chan tradition of China. We are happy to be a member of the Northwest Dharma Association and encourage you to consider joining.”


Druid Area at Trout Lake Abbey

Here are some photos of Druid Sanctuary as well as a lovely labyrinth. Amethyst and I walked the labyrinth, saying mantras in both directions. The labyrinth is bordered by fragrant lavendar. You can see Mt. Adams in the distance in one of the photos.


Mt. Adams