Latest Projects

Here is a partial list of recent clients. They include individual service providers, artists, authors and entrepreneurs.

I also implement e-commerce using the free WooCommerce plugin so you have full control over all aspects of your shop. If you need to create your own products, I can assist you in creating easy to fulfill custom merchandise in your personal shop.


Two Frog Bog

We enjoy being able to offer our guests a unique, comfortable and peaceful glamping experience. We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, and all genders!

Elona and Jim

AirBnb in Roy, Washington, Two Frog Bog

Jonathan B. Kim

Jonathan B. Kim

The law practice of Jonathan B. Kim, P.A. employs a value-driven approach to address clients’ strategic business objectives.

Jonathan B. Kim

General Counsel C-Suite Executive, and Alternative Investment Advisor, Jonathan B. Kim

Tonya Reed

Dr. Tonya Reed

• Celebrations of Life • End-of-Life Services • Ceremony Officiant • Neuroscience Coach • Speaker

Dr. Tonya Reed

Neuroscience Research/End-of-Life Support, Dr. Tonya Reed

Embodied Bloom Art

Embodied Bloom Art

The visionary art of Erica Baguley who applies ancient techniques to create beautiful contemporary pieces. Check out her online shop to purchase her beautiful work.

Erica Baguley

Artist, Embodied Bloom Art

Wendy Lockhart Wellness

Wendy Lockhart Wellness

Wendy is a Mind-Body-Spirit wellness practitioner and an extraordinary artist. She offers Individual Health Coaching, Angel Card Readings and Spirit Energy Portraits.

Wendy Lockhart

Wellness Coach, Wendy Lockhart Wellness

Cecilia Aragon

Cecilia Aragon

This project is for author, professor and aviator, Cecilia Aragon. Learn about her fascinating life and order her books.

Cecilia Aragon

Author, Cecilia Aragon Author

Sander Feinberg Website

Trillium Professional Services

Trillium Professional Services helps organizations nationwide maximize their information resources and achieve their strategic goals by providing a holistic approach to information technology planning, project management and consulting services.

Debbie Dingerson Truitt

Principal, Trillium Professional Services

Sander Feinberg Website

Rohna Survivors Memorial Association

On November 26, 1943, during World War II, 1,138 men perished when a British troopship, the HMT Rohna, was attacked from the air and destroyed in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Algeria. Two important but virtually unknown historical events occurred at that time. This site honors the casualties and survivors.

Deborah Sanchez

Vice President, The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association

Sander Feinberg Website

Choosing Life

In 1946, with the war over and Japan occupied, 2nd Lt. Herbert Sussan received a plum assignment. He would get to use his training as a cinematographer and join a Strategic Bombing Survey crew to record the results of the atomic bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

This book recounts Herbert Sussan’s experiences (drawn directly from an oral history he left behind), his daughter’s quest to understand what he saw in Japan, and the stories of survivors whose lives touched both father and daughter.

Leslie A. Sussan

Author, Choosing Life

Sander Feinberg Website

Starr Manufacturing

Promotional site for Starr Lavender Harvester™

Bill Jabs

Owner, Starr Manufacturing

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