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Sander Feinberg New York Public Library

Photo by Amethyst-Susan Feinberg NYC Main Public Library

I spent decades as a Project/Program Manager for large corporations and then a training designer focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

During COVID I left the corporate world and I am creating a new online presence for the eLearning and writing I do.

I am now working with small business owners, artists and writers to build their websites.

My second focus is  to complete my book about my grandfather and his friends and their pioneering activism.

On this website you can view almost three thousand photos of our adventures. Read more below.





Over the past 15 years, my wife Amethyst and I have been traveling extensively in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. We also love dance, costumes, fashion and the creative communities in the world of Steampunk and Faerieworlds as well as modern Tribal Belly Dance. Along the way we have taken photos to record our memories and to share the life-affirming beauty, passion, joy and creativity of the many friends we have made from so many different communities.

Check out over 2,900 photos.

In the last ten years I spent much of my time scripting, editing, shooting and producing video and animated training for a very large company. I enjoy all aspects of the process but especially the editing and production of the final product. A lot of what I do professionally is software simulation combined with live interactions to demonstrate communication skills. I also shoot promotional videos for small businesses and individual practitioners in many fields. Sorry, no weddings but I have created several memorial videos.

You can watch my latest videos on my YouTube channel..

I have been selling my photos in many forms: books of all sizes, prints, greeting cards, custom enlargements. My first big event was for a concert of 101 harps in 2006. Amethyst helped organize the harpists so we could get them in one shot and then made large prints for the participants. One of my favorite projects was the creation of two books for a memorial meeting of World War II veterans and their families. We created both a large hardcover book and a mini-book with 21 photos. Check out the Shop for available books, cards and prints.