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This page contains images of selections from our family tree for Biales, Feinberg, Schwartz and Braun. Click the thumbnail to see them full screen.

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Searchable Tree

There is also a searchable tree available by clicking the button below. It has a tree with 893 people from 284 families in my ancestry. You can search by person or family group by clicking on the alphabetical lists in each tab. You can also see some of the sources used for the data. More instructions on the searchable tree page.

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My Remarkable Grandfather-Kalman Marki

The more I learn about my grandfather, Kalman Marki, the more I am fascinated and impressed with his talent, creativity and drive. He arrived at Ellis Island in 1907 supervising his younger brother, sister and cousin. Although he was meeting his parents in New York City, the journey was a challenge for a 16-year-old.

Ashkenazi DNA Update

23and me has more detailed community information for Ashkenazi Jews! Here is mine.

Versek – Kalman Marki Readings

My grandfather, Kalman Marki, hosted a Hungarian language radio show in Miami, Florida. This album includes eight recordings of his favorite poetry in Hungarian. Listen now.

Sárospatak Jewish Cemetery

Sárospatak Jewish Cemetery in Sárospatak Hungary images of headstones and history of the Jewish population. Photos available upon request. Download Excel list.