Hungarian-American Heroes Book Update

I am making great progress on my book. Parts 1 through 4 are complete. They required several years of research to get the details of the stories and collect and format over 300 images.

I have gotten positive feedback from a few readers of the initial chapters. And next month I will be sending the completed parts to a small group of readers who have generously volunteered their time.

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Early Comments

  • “Fascinating and incredibly well written and researched.”
  • This is such an important, informative book Sander!
  • “Your research diligence is a big bravo.”
  • “This is so fascinating! Love It.”
  • “It’s like candy, I couldn’t stop reading.”

Chapter Comments

  • “[the Origins] chapter is a delight to read. The pictures and illustrations from magazines, in particular, are a wonderful addition and help set the context for the book. Presenting everything in chronological order–roughly speaking–is also an excellent approach and helps put the reader in the shoes of your ancestors.”
  • “Your theatre chapter is phenomenal.”
  • [On Hugo Gellert’s work] “Wisely, I think, you have let the work speak through itself with samples. It’s a lovely chapter.”
  • [On Louis Weinstock’s work] “No one but you could do it, and you have done a magnificent job.”

The Four Heroes

Hungarian-American Heroes by Sander Feinberg

Table of Contents

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Copyright Sander Feinberg
Hugo Gellert-Julius Zilser

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Book Update

Hungarian-American Heroes Book UpdateI am making great progress on my book. Parts 1 through 4 are complete. They required several ...
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